Dads Rule + Dartmouth Market Fun

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I was glad to have the opportunity to set up my little cupcake station at the Dartmouth Market yesterday, and with Father's day in mind, there was an extra manly selection of treats available. Because Dartmouthians are so darn supportive, I sold out by noon, and left feeling excited about future visits. I'll be sure to let everyone know about my next appearance once that date is confirmed!

Now, to all you Dads, Fathers, Pas and Pops out there, we salute you today (and everyday) for the very special role you play... Happy Father's Day!

Raindrop (Baby Shower) Cake Pops with Instructions /Tips

Monday, June 9, 2014

These raindrop cake pops were made for a friend who's expecting a baby boy. You know, life doesn't offer anything much more exciting than that, does it? The anticipation of a brand new, tiny bouncing bundle of joy. These cake pops were the least I could do to help get this party started!

Now, have any of YOU tried making cake pops at home before? They're still pretty popular in Pinterest land, and they make fun party snacks.. but.. they can be fussy to make if you don't approach them armed with a few helpful pointers. 
Allow me to share what I think are crucial cake pop tips: 
(note, these pointers should be used in conjunction with a recipe)

First, bake a cake that's dense and stable. 
A cake with a delicate and tender crumb just can't hold up to the cake pop process - but a pound cake is a good option. The worst cake pop is a mushy cake pop, so I would recommend baking your cake a few minutes longer than what the recipe suggests. An extra 5-10 will do the trick, being mindful not to burn the cake. And don't worry, that golden cake top is 
pretty yummy once incorporated into the mix. 

Second, when working your icing into the crumbled cake mixture, be careful not to over beat. It'll go mushy pretty quickly, so work the icing in slowly and stop as soon as it's incorporated. Oh, and make sure your icing is good and fluffy so that it incorporates into the crumbs without too much of a fight. And GO EASY on the icing... it really goes a long way. 
As soon as the dough can hold the shape of a round ball, you've added enough. 

Third: Don't skimp on the quality of your candy melts. I hate to use store/brand names on the blog, but there's a certain "bulk" retail "barn" that sells candy melts that'll make you pull your hair out and shake your fists in hateful anger. It's not worth the struggle. They simply don't melt properly, and they won't achieve the smooth finish you're after. I've found that the other brand of candy melts (rhymes with Milton) found at most craft/ department stores, is really the way to go. Melt, dip, tap off the excess, and let them sit upright while they harden.

So there you have it. I've given you everything I know.
Go forth and make pretty little cake pops with pride and confidence!

(and send me an email if you need any extra courage along the way) 

HELLO, DARTMOUTH! Saturday Market 8 - 1pm

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Make sure you stop by my table at the Alderney Farmers Market this Saturday, May 31st between 8am and 1pm! I'll have lots of cupcakes for the picking, and a few celebration cakes too (know anyone who's celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, or hosting a diner party this weekend? hmmm?) Oh, and if you'd like to have a shot at winning a box of 6 cupcakes,

Weekend Cake : The Boston Cream

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sometimes a simple idea is the best idea. Case in point - The Donut Cake. Don't try and carve out the centre of the cake to look more like a donut, you'll just make a mess and end up with less cake and more tears. Why not just make wee little fondant toppers, and finish them with royal icing and sprinkles?

Besides, Boston creams don't have holes anyway, so this version is far more true to life... 

Wondering what makes this particular cake worthy of the "Boston Cream"title? Well children, I'll have you know that beneath the callebaut dark chocolate ganache exterior, are three layers of classic vanilla custard, folded in chantilly cream, and sandwiched between layers of fluffy chocolate cake. yup yup yup. I could eat this everyday.   

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